The history of Ibosim dates back practically to the beginnings of craft beer culture in Spain, when a group of friends from university discovered that there is a whole world beyond the “usual” beers, influenced by some of the pioneers of craft beer in Barcelona, promoters of beer associations and festivals, and that come from the same university. This discovery leads to the hobby of making beer at home, while they each explore the job market. After several years of home brewing, they decide to take the leap and pursue their dream: brewing beer in paradise.

In the summer of 2013 they launched their first commercial beer, an American Pale Ale, which they called IBZ SUMMER, and which to this day is still our benchmark beer. At that time we were what is now known as nomadic brewers, producing at third-party facilities, and very few people had heard of craft beer on the island of Ibiza.

It was not until 2016, with 3 years and 5 regular beers (in addition to several special editions) behind us, that we inaugurated Ibosim Brewhouse: a place where a brewery, bar and distribution centre come together, and which quickly becomes reference centre for craft beer culture in Ibiza.

Today, Ibosim has established itself as Ibiza’s craft beer. With 7 beers of continuous production, special editions each year, personalized beers, few are those who have not tried one of our beers at least once.

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Thank you to Muchigraphy for the photos and to DieciséisBis for the videos.


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