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If you don’t always eat the same thing, why do you always drink the same beer?

We have been giving you reasons since 2013 to prove that beer can also surprise you. More than 50 different beers have passed through our fermenters: blonde, dark, amber, red, sweet, bitter, light, strong, smoked, spicy, fruity, floral … the world of beer is endless and we love to experiment!

In our quest to get our beer into your hands, we have never been afraid to freely adapt traditional styles to better fit our island. We are passionate about beer and we love Ibiza, that’s why we make all our beers here, in Port des Torrent. Ibosim Brewhouse is our centre of operations: brewery, taproom and distribution centre, it has already become the benchmark for craft beer culture on the island.

Our regular line, available all year round

Limited editions or “one-time brew”.

You will only find them on tap in our Taproom.

We love working with hotels, restaurants…

ibosim classics

crea vasos 2019 posidonia blonde ale ibosim craft beers


534 Ratings

«Like POSIDONIA this blonde ale is delicate and light but persistent. It highlights a genuine citrusy and floral character». Untappd

crea-vasos 2019 isla blanca weissbier ibosim craft beers

Isla Blanca

626 Ratings

«ISLA BLANCA is a smooth and balanced wheat beer. A fresh, Mediterranean interpretation of the traditional German Weissbier». Untappd

crea-vasos- 2019 su, ibz summer pale ale ibosim craft beers

IBZ Summer
Pale Ale

935 Ratings

«IBZ SUMMER is a daring and different beer, slightly coppery in colour, very aromatic and with notes of mango, passion fruit and orange». Untappd

crea vasos 2019 ta, talaia single hops mosaic session ipa ibosim

Single Hop IPA

169 Ratings

«Let yourself be carried away by our all-day IPA. Don’t be fooled by its low alcohol content and light body: you are in front of a great beer with an impressive hoppy character and an intense fruity aroma». Untappd

crea-vasos2019 blood moon ipa, ibosim craft beers

Blood Moon
Indian Pale Ale

510 Ratings

«BLOOD MOON is a robust and complex beer. With a deep red colour, caramel flavours, citrusy hints from the hops and a bitter finish, this balanced West Coast IPA will not leave you indifferent». Untappd

crea-vasos-2019-ro rosemary belgian ale

Belgian Ale

510 Ratings

«Inspired by the Belgian beers with which we started in the world of beer, ROSEMARY takes us to the most rural Ibiza. This beer made with oranges and rosemary has a sweet profile, reddish colour and creamy head. Slightly herbal and surprisingly fresh». Untappd

crea-vasos2019 blood moon ipa, ibosim craft beers

Carob Porter

627 Ratings

«GARROVA was born from a tender love story between IBOSIM and Cerveses Popaire (Blanes) The fruit of the carob tree is the protagonist of this dark beer and creamy foam, with sweet notes, of cocoa and nuts». Untappd


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