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Ibiza Beer FRIENDS
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Menu Tapas / Drinks

Ibosim Brewhouse is open Thursdays – Fridays 5-9.45pm and Saturdays 1pm-9.45pm.

We recommend booking in advance. Call us at +34 691 573 046 for bookings.

Do you want to know more about our beers? Click HERE.


LIMITED EDITION: BOGAMARÍ RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT COCONUT EDITION. Dark and velvety beer with hints of coconut. 8.0% ABV4.30€7.00€
ROSEMARY BELGIAN ALE. Amber, sweet with orange and rosemary. 6.0% ABV3.20€5.30€
TALAIA SESSION IPA. Mosaic Single hop IPA. Blond, light and hoppy. 4.6% ABV3.60€5.70€
IPOSIDONIA BLONDE ALE. Refreshing, citrusy and floral. 4.2%ABV3.20€5.30€
ISLA BLANCA WEISSBIER. Smooth and balanced wheat beer. 4.8% ABV4.30€7.00€
LIMITED EDITION: OLD IS NEW BARLEY. A complex beer with intense flavours. 8.0% ABV4.30€7.45€
BEER FLIGHT: 3 beers on tap of your choice (3 x 20cl)6€
LIMITED EDITION: GRODZISKIE Elaborated entirely with wheat malt smoked with oak wood from the forests of Eastern Poland and noble hops, an extremely light beer but with a great personality. 3.0% ABV3.60€
LIMITED EDITION: REVOLUTION BROWN ALE. Very malty flavours of biscuit and bread, with caramelized touches, but light body to enjoy during the day. 4.2% ABV3.60€
LIMITED EDITION: OLD IS NEW BARLEY WINE. Old is New is a beer that loves the passage of time and that, well reserved, will evolve over the months and years, developing a liquorish character, with intense and complex malty flavours, winey notes and interesting oxidations. But who are we kidding, it won’t sit for long in the fridge. 8.0% ABV4.55€
LIMITED EDITION: EL DORADO NEIPA. Juicy, fruity and extremely tasty. 6.0% ABV4.30€
POSIDONIA BLONDE. Blonde Ale. Refreshing, citrusy and floral. 4.2%ABV3.50€
ISLA BLANCA WEISSBIER. Smooth and balanced wheat beer. 4.8% ABV3.50€
IBZ SUMMER. Bold Pale Ale with tropical hints. 5.0% ABV3.60€
TALAIA SESSION IPA. Single hop IPA. Blond, light and hoppy. 4.6% ABV3.80€
BLOOD MOON IPA. Red IPA Explosively hoppy, with immersive aroma and malty body. Rounds off leaving a pleasant bitterness in its wake. 6.7% ABV3.80€
ROSEMARY BELGIAN ALE. Amber, sweet with orange and rosemary.6.0% ABV3.60€
GARROVA PORTER. Dark beer with carob. 6.1% ABV3.60€
GLUTEN FREE. Celiac friendly Blond Ale (<20 ppm). 4.2% ABV3.70€


Artisanal pasty: Chicken curry / Tuna / Bolognese / Spinach 3€
Bread, alioli and olives 4€
Dolmadakia: Stuffed vine leaves with rice and spices4€
Mixed olives: Rotas, manzanilla y moradas.1.7€
Potato chips in bag2€


Wine, glass (Red / White / Rosé)3€
Wine bottle14€
Hierbas liquer, ‘Santolina’ made in Ibosim, glass4€
Frigola liquer, Sa Quimera, glass4€
Non-alcoholic alternatives PRICE 
Soda (Cola / Lemonade / Ginger)2.8€
Kombucha (Mate / Hibiscus / Lemongrass)4€
Ecological juice (Peach and grape / Apple) 2.3€
Coffee PRICE
Coffee cortado1.3€
Coffee with milk1.4€


Fill your 1L or 2L bottle or our 5L keg with one of the 7 beers that we have on tap at our Brewhouse. Contact us for more information.


6-pack Ibosim15€16.50€
Box of Ibosim, 16 bottles38€40€
Box of special edition, 12 bottles28€
Posidonia Blonde. 4.2% ABV2.70€3.50€
Isla Blanca Weissbier. 4.8% ABV2.70€3.50€
IBZ Summer. 5.0% ABV2.70€3.60€
Talaia Session IPA. Single hop IPA. 4.6%2.70€3.80€
Blood Moon IPA. 6.7% ABV2.70€3.80€
Rosemary Belgian Ale. 5.5% ABV2.70€3.60€
Garrova Porter. 6.1% ABV2.70€3.60€
Sin Gluten. 4.2% ABV2.70€3.70€
Grodziskie, special edition. 3.0% ABV2.80€3.60€
Old is New Barley Wine, special edition. 8.0% ABV3.75€4.55€
El Dorado NEIPA, limited edition. Alc: 6.0%3.50€4.30€
Ibosim t-shirt12€
Growler, 1L Bottle9.50€
Growler, 2L Bottle13€
Reusable keg 5L, Deposit10€
Ibosim glass4€
Ibosim reusable plastic glass1€
‘Santolina’ made in Ibosim, bottle16€

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