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Pizza Manolo Ibosim. Pizza Chef Entertainment Ibiza. Cerveza Ibiza

Event: Ibosim + Pizza Chef Entertainment Connection

After the resounding success of last week, this Saturday we repeat lunch at Cervezas Ibosim.

And since we organize it ourselves and we really want a good pizza from PizzaChefEntertainment, that is what we are going to suggest. ⁣How are we going to do it? Very simple:

⁣⁣?Like last Saturday, prior reservation is essential, you have time until Friday at noon.

? So that the pizza arrives freshly made, we are going to do 2 meal shifts: 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm. You will have to tell us which shift you prefer. ⁣⁣

? Let us know in reservation if you want spicy oil on the pizza!

⁣⁣? Sit on the terrace and wait beer in hand for your pizza to arrive. ⁣⁣

We know that you want Manolo’s pizza as much as we do ??⁣⁣

See you on Saturday! ⁣⁣

☎️ Reservations 691 573 046

⁣? Ibosim Brewhouse c / Valencia 4, Port des Torrent ⁣

? Saturday 14 November 13 to 21:45

Ibosim Brewhouse is the first micro brewery on the island of Ibiza. Our brewery is located in Port des Torrent at the end of Cala de Bou. It is not only where we brew our beers but we also have a bar and shop where you can taste 7 of our beers on tap or take bottles home with you. Do you want to know more about our production process? Book a guided tour.

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