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Ibiza Beer FRIENDS
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Ibosim Craft Beers Moos Kitchen. Ibiza craft beer

Event: Ibosim + Moos Kitchen connection

Life takes many turns, and sometimes the path ends up taking you to the starting point, but with the experience that the journey itself gives you. Our private trip takes us back to MOOS – Salads & More, wanting to try new things but with the experience of knowing that what we already know about them is spectacular. ⁣

This Saturday, November 28, we offer a different curry: Thai Red Curry, and their star dish: the Falafel Salad. 🥗🍻⁣

You already know how it works: ⁣

👉 Book your meal and your table before Friday at noon. ⁣
👉 Take advantage of the Ibosim special offer of dishes at € 10 ⁣
👉 Enjoy your meal with a good beer⁣

Moos Kitchen says goodbye to the year the next day, don’t miss this opportunity! ⁣

We’ll be waiting for you on Saturday 😁🍻⁣

Crisp fresh homemade Falafel on a bed of quinoa, roasted cauliflower, spinach, pickled cucumber, fermented red cabbage and roasted carrot. Served with yogurt and tahini dressing.

Delicious red curry with broccoli, green beans, red pepper, infused with coconut milk and spices, served with simmered wild rice, and garnished with a touch of coriander. (Thai Red curry with Chicken has a supplement of € 2) .

☎️ Bookings 691 573 046⁣
📆 Saturday november 28th 13h⁣
📌 Ibosim Brewhouse, c/Valencia 4, Port des Torrent⁣

Ibosim Brewhouse is the first micro brewery on the island of Ibiza. Our brewery is located in Port des Torrent at the end of Cala de Bou. It is not only where we brew our beers but we also have a bar and shop where you can taste 7 of our beers on tap or take bottles home with you. Do you want to know more about our production process? Book a guided tour.

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