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Tasting notes: Blood Moon IPA


At Ibosim we’re drawn to hops, and we’ve made quite a few IPAs, all of them quite different from each other. Today we are going to take a close look at the first of our regular line IPAs, the Blood Moon.

Inspired by traditional IPAs, Blood Moon is a robust beer with a higher alcohol content than a typical Pale Ale. True to the spirit of classic IPAs, it is a very hoppy beer, but one that retains a malt character. The red colour comes from the use of caramelized malts, something that is noticeable in the mouth, and that balances the bitterness that would correspond to the amount of hops it carries. Citrusy hints from Amarillo hops and subtle fruitiness from Simcoe, which also provides a pleasant but very present bitterness. It finishes off with a sweet aftertaste of caramelized malts. It is definitely a complex beer, full of nuances, to enjoy quietly.




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