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Santolina – Licor de Hierbas

Let us present Santolina – Licor de hierbas: a very small and careful production of herbal liqueur made according to the traditional method by Jeroni Gómez. He is not only the alma mater of the project but also a good friend, with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating by making Santolina in our brewery.

The third part of this project is Bosque Comestible (Edible Forest), where all the herbs that have been macerated in anise for a year before being bottled are grown. The Edible Forest of Ibiza is defined as «a space for social, rural and environmental experimentation that provides healthy and accessible food, education, social interaction and food sovereignty».

On the day of San Juan, when the field is in full bloom and the aroma of the plants is more intense, a few friends gather in this space to collect the 17 different plants that will then be macerated in anise distillate.

Bosque comestible. Recolección de hierbas. Licor de hierbas Ibiza

Herb collection in the Bosque Comestible Ibiza.

For 8 months the plants, herbs and flowers will gradually release their essences. After this time, a second maceration of 2 months has been carried out, this time only in Santolina, the variety of chamomile in honour of which this liqueur has been named.

The result is a copper-coloured herbal liqueur with bright reflections, in which chamomile is very present in both aroma and flavour. The mixture of herbs from the first maceration brings a lot of freshness, leaving an aftertaste of eucalyptus and peppermint, and moderating the sweetness of the anise. An elegant and fresh combination, with a sweet touch but far from cloying.

Santolina Licor de Hierbas is available now and we will deliver it to your home, along with your order of beers. You can place your order online, by phone (+34) 691 573 046 or by email: info@cervezaibosim.com.

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