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Introducing the new image in Ibiza Cowork. 2015

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1st Networking in Ibiza productive and fun!

Last Friday, January 16, to end our first week of work, we held the first networking event in Cowork Ibiza with the collaboration of Ibosim, craft beer.

We had the founder of Ibosim as a speaker. During the presentation, he gave us a brief historical tour from the first attempts to make beer and its possible origins to the present day with very curious data: did you know that in the year 2100 BC the first written laws were decreed, and one of the legal norms Was it that people of good social standing should be rewarded with a daily ration of beer?

After explaining step by step the process of making craft beer Ibosim, its ingredients, alcoholic content, temperature and the different types of beer they offer (Ibiza Summer Ale, Posidonia Golden Ale and Garrova Porter) he presented us with his brand, the principles that follows the company and its philosophy based on three fundamental pillars: quality, quality and quality.

Designer Pau Kokura was the second speaker to speak. He told us about the design of the Ibosim brand, the logos, their meanings, etc. He also explained to us his particular economic model, based on the “gift economy”, mutual help, trust, gratitude and the common good. They also showed us the new image they are designing for the next 2015 season, what a privilege!

nueva imagen cervezas ibosim 2015

At the end of the “express course” and sharing basic knowledge with the attendees, we went on to do the Ibosim craft beer tasting. How we enjoy perceiving, identifying and appreciating its properties! It was a fun and repeating experience.

As expected, we had a few beers at the Cowork, exchanged impressions, interests and various information. And as a result, voilà collaborations and synergy! We will inform you of what is taking place inside the Cowork…

Another curious fact… Do you know who or what Ibosim was? Ibosim was the name given to the island of Ibiza by the Carthaginians and it means “city of the god Bes”. Bes was considered the god of good humor, fun and luck, among many other virtues, and Ibosim craft beer is still an offering to him and to the unmistakable character of the island of Ibiza.

Curious students also attended the event to know what coworking is all about. We thank everyone for their participation, among the attendees:






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