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Event: Randall of Isla Blanca with strawberries

We know that you like to try new and different things, so this Saturday, June 27, we have prepared something very special for you.

Do you remember Randall? For those who have not yet seen it, it’s an invention that connects to the outlet of a tap and allows a cold infusion of beer with other ingredients. In the past we’ve made it with hops from our own harvest, with fresh mango, with pumpkin + vanilla + cinnamon … always with the aim of giving a more special touch to some of our beers.

Well, this Saturday we are going to infuse our ISLA BLANCA with strawberries!

Strawberry is an amazing fruit. People tend to forget that one of the characteristics that makes it so peculiar is that delicious acid note. The objective of this infusion is to provide an extra hint of fruit and an acid touch to the beer, complementing its already fruity flavours, which are specifically reminiscent of banana.

A surprisingly delicious combination, don’t miss it!

☎️ Reservations 691 573 046

? C / Valencia 4, Port des Torrent
⏰ Saturday June 27, 18h-23h



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